Beach of the Dead V – what happened when the undead took to the streets of Brighton

Saturday 22nd October saw the return of the increasingly popular Beach of the Dead. Now in its fifth year the event see’s literally thousands of zombie enthusiasts descend upon Brighton to enjoy an afternoon of lurching, groaning and general zombie-ness.

They arrived dressed up in an array of zombie guises, from zombie brides to an entire zombie circus, complete with zombie lion. There was a zombie chain gang amongst a collection of un-dead doctors, teachers, workmen, even a mermaid. You name it, they’d ‘zombied’ it!

And all sorts of people turned up, the young, the old, whole families and even a couple of dogs came dressed in a range of gruesome costumes. Clearly a lot of time had been spent on getting the look just right.

There are many zombie walks and parades which take place all around the world. Brighton’s Beach of the Deadwas created by Kate Amer in 2007, who claims to have started the whole thing out of boredom.

In its first year 40 people attended. Since then, and with considerable influence from social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, it has grown and as many as 4,000 people are said to have joined in with this year’s spectacle.

There was a quite a lot of speculation from commentators as to whether the increased popularity in the zombie movement might be somehow linked to the economic situation. Some suggested that zombies had come to represent how we have ourselves become the living dead.

Whilst most of the zombies said that they had just come to enjoy a gore-and-all day out in Brighton and rubbished any deeper meaning there were a few who had a point to make.

One zombie had a sign claiming that their student debt had killed them whilst there were a notable amount of military themed zombies around.

But for the best part the costumes were random. When a pirate zombie was asked why he had chosen his costume he simply replied: “Because I like pirates, arrrrgghh!”

As the march made its way through town in attracted thousands of observers, some who had come out specifically to see the unusual display. Many others had unsuspectingly come across hordes of zombies and appeared confused and amused in equal measure.

As Beach of the Dead lurched its way from Victoria Gardens, down North Street, past the clock tower and across Brighton sea-front people couldn’t help but come and take a look at the unusual sight.

The walk, which is self-funded, was well organised with plenty stewards in place and a well planned route. There was even a zombie lollipop lady with a sign which read “Dead Slow” on hand to ensure that the zombies all got across the road safely.

Finally, having shuffled and groaned their way down the promenade, many of the zombies went to an after party at Concorde 2, continuing their ghastly fun deep into the night.

Check out the video report below from Kayleigh Lewis and Andy Collins to see what happened for yourself.

Brighton and Hove Free Press at Beach Of The Dead 2011


Originally published on Brighton and Hove Free Press.

Posted on October 24, 2011 in Events, Videos

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  1. Colin & Mary
    October 24, 2011 at 11:31 pm ·

    Excellent piece of work – we must come next year …….

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