Birdy at the Hurly Burly – Brighton Fringe

This was one of those shows where I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. As a newcomer to Brighton Fringe I was unfamiliar to the Hurly Burly tent, beyond passing it on the bus and seeing a lot of children hanging around.Generally speaking that alone would usually make it somewhere I would avoid.

But what a treat I was in for! Inside the tent I was witness to the tale of Birdy, largely played out by a narrator and her three virtues, represented in song form. There was her voice, a man with a guitar, her grace, a woman with percussion, and her joy, a violinist.

The story of how she fell in love unfolded in song, hilarity and some quite wrong but highly amusing scenes. Though described as a “dark fairytale” it had a underlying moral like any other and despite it being funny and fantastical it was also accessible and easy to relate to in many ways. There was also some really clever use of props, which really made me laugh and added to the fun, but you should go and find out what I’m on about for yourselves.

Rather than ruin the plot I’ll tell you about the wonderful ‘vegetarian banquet’ that was served alongside the performance. Filled sweet pepper starter, feta and caramelised onion pastry with walnuts and apricots with some delicious sides, and of course dessert. Everyone, including myself, seemed to enjoy the food as much as they enjoyed the show.

So I must say that for a mixture of fine food, a good atmosphere, intelligent, and occasionally adult, absurdity and music in one of the more Fringe-esque venues I would have to recommend a visit to the Hurly Burly, before it’s too late.


Originally posted on Guide 2 Brighton.

Posted on May 15, 2012 in Art, Events, Previews and Reviews

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