The Faulty Towers Dining Experience returns to Brighton Fringe

Fans of the much loved show were treated to a wacky evening of food and frolics on Saturday night as the Faulty Towers Dining Experience came to town yet again as part of the Brighton Fringe.The immersive show, which is running for the rest of the month, puts you slap bang in the middle of the Faulty Towers dining room where you can witness the chaos and, sometimes, as many people found out, be involved in it yourself.

The evening started as it was to go on, with Sybil Faulty making small talk with the guests while Basil Faulty and Manwell, the hapless Spanish waiter, suffered from the usual communication problems leading to hilarious consequences.

Within the first couple of minutes Manwell was ‘circulating the nuts’ by spinning in circles as Basil was single-handedly offending all of the guests accusing them of being “riff-raff” or complaining about what had been “dragged in tonight”. Until Sybil put him in his place of course, as so often in the show, with her belittling tone and trademark laugh.

However it was once we were all seated in the dining hall that things really got out of hand, with some of the most memorable scenes of the TV series being re-created. Many off the guests sat helpless as bread rolls were thrown at them, they were asked to stack their own plates and dirty spoons were thrown in the ice buckets, all in true ‘Manwell’ fashion.

Hilarity ensued as we were asked to search our soup for foreign objects, to partake in a very slap-dash fire drill and much more that I daren’t ruin for you!

The characters were spot on as Basil got himself into trouble with Sybil and tried to make Manwell do simple tasks, Sybil frequently told Basil what to do and patronised him in front of everyone and Manwell unintentionally caused pandemonium in the restaurant, all to the amusement of the guests.

If you’re a fan of the show, as I am, it would be difficult not to enjoy this ingenious show and, although I wouldn’t expect the finest waiting, it’s probably the most enjoyable bad service you’ll ever receive.


Originally published on Guide 2 Brighton.

Posted on May 14, 2012 in Art, Previews and Reviews

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