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Commissioner welcomes new EU-wide offshore oil and gas deal

Energy commissioner Günther Oettinger has welcomed new proposals to introduce the first ever EU-wide offshore oil and gas safety legislation.

Mixed reactions following ETS ‘backloading’ vote

Commission proposals to amend the emissions trading scheme (ETS) are back in the balance following parliament’s environment committee vote in favour of ‘backloading’.

Neonicotinoid ban: Kayleigh Lewis

The commission’s proposal for placing a partial ban on neonicotinoids to counter falling bee populations is proving to be a divisive issue. Kayleigh Lewis reports.

Horse meat scandal needs ‘EU-wide solution’

Ireland’s agriculture, food and the marine minister Simon Coveney has said that the horse meat scandal troubling the continent is an EU-wide problem that needs an EU-wide solution.

Reach regulation has made the EU ‘considerably safer’, says report

The commission’s five year review into the Reach regulation has found that the use of chemicals in the EU has become “considerably safer”.

Reding calls for more protection of women’s rights in the EU

In Europe one in five women has “suffered violence”, and one in 10 women have “suffered sexual violence”, justice, fundamental rights and citizenship commissioner Viviane Reding has told MEPs.

MEP says fisheries reform will show parliament is ‘not a toothless tiger’

Rapporteur for the common fisheries policy (CFP) Ulrike Rodust has told plenary that parliament is “not a toothless old tiger”.

Emissions trading scheme: Kayleigh Lewis

With crumbling carbon markets and the recent rejection of backloading, the EU’s emissions trading scheme finds itself at a crossroads. Kayleigh Lewis reports

FTT: Anni Podimata

Anni Podimata tells The Parliament Magazine that an FTT can benefit member states, their citizens and the EU as a whole. Kayleigh Lewis reports.

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