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MEP calls on the EU to ‘follow the money’ in organised crime

Romanian MEP Monica Macovei has spoken about the importance of member states “following the money” to help put an end to “criminal activity”, “terrorism” and “money laundering”.

5Qs: Monica Macovei on freezing and confiscating proceeds of crime

Our readers sent in five questions for us to put to rapporteur Monica Macovei, and here are her responses…

Commission to go ahead with neonicotinoid ban

The European commission is to uphold its proposal to ban three pesticides believed to be harmful to bees following an inconclusive vote by member states

Interview with Mary Baker and Nessa Childers on ADHD

The Parliament Magazine caught up with Mary Baker and Nessa Childers to discuss ADHD.

MEPs approve ‘historic’ capital requirements directive

Parliament’s capital requirements directive (CRD) rapporteur Othmar Karas has called the report the “the biggest banking regulation in the history of the European Union”.

Controversial ‘backloading’ proposal rejected by MEPs

The European parliament has rejected proposals for ‘backloading’ to postpone the auctioning of 900 million carbon allowances for 2013-2015, in a bid to help boost the price of ‘polluters permits’.

MEPs concerned at low turnout for Croatian EU elections

EPP group leader Joseph Daul has expressed concern that the low turnout for Croatia’s first ever European elections could harm the country’s “credibility in Europe”.

Schulz accuses EU governments of ‘lack of interest’ in the Mediterranean

European parliament president Martin Schulz has accused EU governments of showing a “lack of interest” in the Mediterranean region.

#5Qs: Othmar Karas on CRD4

Our readers sent us five questions for rapporteur Othmar Karas.

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