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MEPs clash over e-cigarette regulations

The decision by parliament’s environment, public health and food safety committee to classify e-cigarettes as medicines has been condemned as “counterproductive and hypocritical”.

Commission announces plans for stronger supervision of failing banks

Internal market and services commissioner Michel Barnier has announced plans for a single banking union to provide stronger supervision for failing banks.

MEPs welcome music rights proposals

More access to music online and a reform of inefficient and non-transparent collective rights management are two of the benefits of a new legislative proposal adopted by parliament on Tuesday.


Croatia’s accession to the EU has been welcomed by policymakers across Europe, but how did social media respond? Social Lens analysed the data.

Marine Le Pen stripped of EU parliamentary immunity

French National Front leader Marine Le Pen has been stripped of her European parliamentary immunity and is now expected to face criminal charges over allegations of racial hatred.

The future of European payments: Innovating our citizens

Video of the event held in the European parliament.

Croatia joins the EU as 28th member state

Policymakers have described Croatia’s accession to the European Union as “historic” and “deeply inspiring”.

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