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FTT decision shows UK is ‘impotent’ in protecting its ‘biggest interest’, says Farage

The European court of justice (ECJ) has rejected the UK’s challenge against the introduction of a financial transaction tax (FTT), a move described as “a deliberate assault on the City of London”.

Parliament calls for stronger Russian sanctions

MEPs have adopted a resolution calling for the EU to strengthen the second phase of sanctions against Russia.

MEPs demand 80 per cent reduction in lightweight plastic bag use

Parliament has voted to halve the number of single-use plastic bags used in the EU by 2017, and to reduce their use by at least an 80 per cent by 2019.

New rules for EU sea-border patrols

MEPs have voted to adopt a new regulation which includes concrete rules to ensure that member states fulfil their search and rescue obligations to boats in distress.

Parliament adopts report on greater lobbying transparency

The European parliament has voted by an overwhelming majority to adopt a report that demands a stronger transparency register for lobbyists.

Transparency to be ‘the norm’ for large businesses

Following a vote in the Strasbourg plenary, all large companies and groups will now have to disclose non-financial and diversity information to ensure that they operate in a more transparent manner.

Mixed reaction to EU banking union proposals

European parliament has voted to adopt three key texts paving the way for a completed banking union to ensure that failing banks are tackled at the EU level.

Sanction list expands as Ukraine crisis escalates

EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton has condemned attempts by armed pro-Russian separatists to destabilise Ukraine, describing the situation as “extremely worrying”.

Commission to launch new aid data web tool

The European commission is to launch a new web tool which will allow users to access data on the EU’s humanitarian aid around the world.

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