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Europe ‘leadership’ in climate change is ‘essential’, says UN head

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon has called on European leaders to reach a decision on a climate package ‘as soon as possible’.

Taking responsibility

Carla Pontes tells Kayleigh Lewis how Volkswagen is setting the benchmark for social responsibility in the healthcare of its employees

EU forest strategy branded ‘weak’ and ‘aspirational’

Stakeholders respond to the new EU commission strategy for Europe’s forests. Kayleigh Lewis reports.


The tragic events of the recent Lampedusa incident have highlighted the need for an EU-level approach to tackling the ongoing problem of migration.


Discover the social media reaction to Barroso’s final state of the union speech.

Biofuels proposals divide policymakers and stakeholders

As we go to press, MEPs are set to vote on parliament’s particularly contentious biofuels proposal. Kayleigh Lewis reports.


EU struggles to find a united voice on Syria


Croatia’s accession to the EU has been welcomed by policymakers across Europe, but how did social media respond? Social Lens analysed the data.


The US ‘Prism’ surveillance programme has raised many questions about the EU’s relationship with Washington when it comes to data privacy and cybersecurity. Social Lens analyses how EU policymakers responded.

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