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Pirate Party to focus on ‘social consequences’ of digital revolution

The Pirate Party might be down, but it’s not out. New MEP Julia Reda speaks to the Parliament Magazine about what the future holds for Europe’s pirates.

‘Overwhelming majority’ of European citizens support single seat

Putting an end to the ‘travelling circus’ between Brussels and Strasbourg is a matter of ‘self determination’, according to outgoing MEP Gerald Häfner.

YPFP Decision Points – Feedback from members on the first Decision Points event

Produced for YPFPtv and NATO.

MEPs criticise sentencing of journalists in Egypt

Twenty Egyptian and foreign journalists have been given sentences of between seven and 10 years on charges of aiding terrorists and endangering national security in Egypt.

Refugee figures exceed 50 million for first time since world war II

According to a new UN report, the number of refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced people across the world has surpassed 50 million people for the first time since world war II.

EU laws to become ‘lighter, simpler and less costly’

The commission’s regulatory fitness and performance programme (Refit) includes many new initiatives, plus the introduction of an ‘annual scoreboard’ to assess their progress.

Schulz elected as S&D group president

Martin Schulz has been elected as S&D group leader and has called on the European council to give Jean-Claude Juncker a mandate for EU commission president.

Claude France Arnould – career advice for young professionals

Federalists and EPP group back Juncker for president

The Union of European Federalists has urged the European council to propose candidate Jean-Claude Juncker as the next president of the European commission.

Mixed reaction to council’s agreement on GMO cultivation

European environment ministers have agreed to allow the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), a move which has divided policymakers and stakeholders.

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