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Commission to tackle ‘plague of illegal fishing’ in Pacific

The European commission has given the Philippines and Papua New Guinea a “yellow card” in response to analysis which suggests that the two nations are “not acting sufficiently to fight illegal fishing”.

Green Week: Sachs welcomes US decarbonisation plan

Speaking at Green Week’s new environmentalist summit, Jeffrey Sachs, director of the earth institute, expressed his ‘delight’ at the US’ announcement to cut carbon emissions.

Potočnik opens Green Week 2014 with call for circular economy

European environment commissioner Janez Potočnik has told the opening Green Week session that the circular economy “will be the great innovation challenge” of the coming decades.

MEPs demand 80 per cent reduction in lightweight plastic bag use

Parliament has voted to halve the number of single-use plastic bags used in the EU by 2017, and to reduce their use by at least an 80 per cent by 2019.

Europe ‘leadership’ in climate change is ‘essential’, says UN head

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon has called on European leaders to reach a decision on a climate package ‘as soon as possible’.

Greens slam ‘disappointing and cowardly’ EU state aid rules for energy

Parliament’s Greens/EFA group has condemned the commission’s proposals to review EU state aid rules in the energy sector as a move to allow energy-intensive industries “off the hook”.

Parliament’s ETS compromise accused of being ‘reckless’

MEPs and stakeholders criticise the “reckless” dismantling of the aviation emissions trading scheme (ETS) as parliament adopts the trilogue agreement.

EU forest strategy branded ‘weak’ and ‘aspirational’

Stakeholders respond to the new EU commission strategy for Europe’s forests. Kayleigh Lewis reports.

UN IPCC report says certainty of climate change being human in origin is ’95 per cent’

According to the United Nations’ latest climate science report, the existence of climate change is “unequivocal” and it is at least 95 per cent certain that human activities are the principal cause.

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