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YPFP #ElectionEssentials 4 – diplomatic clout – Q 4/5

Q: What initiatives will your group undertake to increase the EU’s diplomatic clout and relevance by 2019?

YPFP #ElectionEssentials 3 – emerging economies – Q 3/5

Q: What are your group’s top economic and trade priorities to deal with emerging economies over the next five years?

YPFP #ElectionEssentials 2 – Energy & Resource supply – Q 2/5

Q: What will your group do in the European Parliament to ensure sustainability and efficiency in energy and resource supply?

YPFP #ElectionEssentials – Youth Unemployment – Q1/5

We pitched 5 members’ questions to representatives of the 5 biggest European political groups…and then made 5 videos.

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