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Lithuania’s eurozone accession means diminishing influence for small member states

Changes to the European central bank (ECB) voting system following Lithuania’s adoption of the euro could progressively see small countries get even less of a say, explain Sylvia Merler and Kayleigh Rose Lewis.

Member states fail to nominate ’10 or more’ women for EU top jobs

Policymakers have hit out at the EU’s national governments for nominating too few female candidates for European commission posts.

MEPs call for an end to Gaza conflict

The European parliament’s S&D and Greens/EFA groups have strongly condemned the ongoing crisis in the Gaza strip and have called for an end to military operations in the region.

MEPs urge Russia to be ‘part of the solution’ in Ukraine crisis

MEPs have called for an end to “fighting and bloodshed” and for immediate arms restrictions as the conflict in Ukraine shows little sign of de-escalation.

Downing of flight MH17 marks ‘point of no return’, warns Ukraine foreign minister

The foreign affairs council and parliament’s foreign affairs committee have both met to discuss next steps following the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in which 298 people, most of which were European, died.

EU energy efficiency proposal ‘devoid of true ambition’

The European commission has proposed a non-binding 30 per cent energy savings target which “aims to strike the right balance between benefits and costs”.

MEP tells Europe to ‘wake up’ following Ukraine air crash tragedy

MEPs have expressed their “deepest sympathy” and called for a response to the MH17 plane crash in which 298 people died in Ukraine.

MEP questions Slovenian election outcome

Slovenian MEP Milan Zver has raised questions about the legitimacy of his country’s new government and called for the release of national opposition leader Janez Janša.

MEPs strongly defend maternity rights

MEPs have criticised the European commission’s decision to withdraw the maternity leave directive having failed to reach a compromise with the council.

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