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Ashton and Kerry meet to discuss foreign policy

EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and US secretary of state John Kerry have met to discuss their joint foreign affairs priorities.

Sanction list expands as Ukraine crisis escalates

EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton has condemned attempts by armed pro-Russian separatists to destabilise Ukraine, describing the situation as “extremely worrying”.

MEPs clash over actions and future of the troika

MEPs have clashed over the role of Europe’s troika, with some parliamentarians blaming the programme’s austerity measures for “worsening the effects” of the economic crisis, while others have branded the accusation a ‘scapegoating’ of the institutions.

Taking responsibility

Carla Pontes tells Kayleigh Lewis how Volkswagen is setting the benchmark for social responsibility in the healthcare of its employees

EU forest strategy branded ‘weak’ and ‘aspirational’

Stakeholders respond to the new EU commission strategy for Europe’s forests. Kayleigh Lewis reports.


Discover the social media reaction to Barroso’s final state of the union speech.

Biofuels proposals divide policymakers and stakeholders

As we go to press, MEPs are set to vote on parliament’s particularly contentious biofuels proposal. Kayleigh Lewis reports.


EU struggles to find a united voice on Syria


Croatia’s accession to the EU has been welcomed by policymakers across Europe, but how did social media respond? Social Lens analysed the data.

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