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Refugee figures exceed 50 million for first time since world war II

According to a new UN report, the number of refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced people across the world has surpassed 50 million people for the first time since world war II.

Kristalina Georgieva interview on BBC Arabic

Here’s a clip I produced for the Parliament Magazine being used on BBC Arabic, aired on 8th April 2014.

Interview with European commissioner Kristalina Georgieva

European international cooperation, humanitarian aid and crisis response commissioner Kristalina Georgieva speaks to the Parliament Magazine on humanitarian efforts in Syria, the crisis Central Africa and how the EU has improved its aid effectiveness.


EU struggles to find a united voice on Syria

Barroso announces €400m in commission funding for Syria’s humanitarian crisis

European commission president José Manuel Barroso has announced €400m in additional funding to Syria, and its neighbouring countries Lebanon and Jordan, to help combat the crisis.

Schulz accuses EU governments of ‘lack of interest’ in the Mediterranean

European parliament president Martin Schulz has accused EU governments of showing a “lack of interest” in the Mediterranean region.

MEP calls on EU to take lead on Syria

MEP Guy Verhofstadt has called on the European Union to do more in response to the Syrian conflict and not wait for the United States to take action.

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