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Claude France Arnould – career advice for young professionals

YPFP #ElectionEssentials 5 – cyber security – Q 5/5

Q: How does your group approach the issue of legislating on the personal data held by private companies?

YPFP #ElectionEssentials 4 – diplomatic clout – Q 4/5

Q: What initiatives will your group undertake to increase the EU’s diplomatic clout and relevance by 2019?

YPFP #ElectionEssentials 3 – emerging economies – Q 3/5

Q: What are your group’s top economic and trade priorities to deal with emerging economies over the next five years?

YPFP #ElectionEssentials 2 – Energy & Resource supply – Q 2/5

Q: What will your group do in the European Parliament to ensure sustainability and efficiency in energy and resource supply?

Membership infographic video

For the first time since it was established five years ago, YPFP Brussels has analysed its membership statistics and mapped out what a typical branch member looks like.

YPFP #ElectionEssentials – Youth Unemployment – Q1/5

We pitched 5 members’ questions to representatives of the 5 biggest European political groups…and then made 5 videos.

YPFP Brussels membership benefits

Members talk about the benefits of joining YPFP.

What does YPFP mean to you?

We asked members what being a part of YPFP meant to them. Here’s what they said….

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